Festival Hours of Operation

  • Opening Thursday [Aug. 15]:
  • Site opens at 6 PM
  • Shows (all except TYA and Outdoor) begin at 8 PM
  • Site hours during Festival: 12pm (Noon) to 12am (Midnight)
  • Closing Sunday [Aug. 25]:
    • Site officially closes at 8 PM
    • Shows to start no later than 8 PM
  • KidsFringe:
    • Friday, August 16 – Wednesday, August 12: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
    • Thursday, August 22 – Friday, August 23: 10:30 AM to 8:00 PM
    • Saturday, August 24 – Sunday, August 25: 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM
    • Note: KidsFringe is not open on August 15, the first day of the Fringe Festival.
  • Theatre for Young Audiences:11 AM to 7 PM
  • Lottery and BYOV productions: Start times from 12 noon to 12 midnight
  • Outdoor Performers: 12 noon to 11 PM

Please Note: Fringe Theatre will only support BYOV shows that fall in the Official Fringe schedule; 8 PM Thursday, August 15 to 8 PM Sunday, August 25, 2018. Any performances outside of these times will not appear in the Program Guide, online, or receive box office support.


  • Due to the intimate nature of Fringe theatres, patrons arriving after the doors of the venue have closed will not be admitted under any circumstances. Patrons are advised to arrive 30 minutes before the beginning of the performance.

Lost and Stolen Property

  • Fringe Theatre shall not be held responsible for items belonging to artists, patrons, vendors, volunteers, or staff that have been lost, damaged or stolen


  • Fringe Theatre shall abide by the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act. To this end, Fringe Theatre will ensure that all personal records and contact information for artists, volunteers, patrons, and staff will be kept confidential and secure.

All personal information shall be kept according to the standards required by the Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) and any other like legislation or regulation that may exist now or in the future. As Fringe Theatre is a society incorporated under the Societies Act, the Personal Information Protection Act [PIPA] applies only when the Fringe collects, uses, or discloses personal information in connection with a commercial activity within the boundaries of Alberta.


  • Fringe Theatre holds liability insurance covering its activities, and Workers’ Compensation covering all staff (employed and contract) and volunteers. It is highly recommended that all artists arrange for their own insurance coverage, including travel insurance.

Artist Postering Procedure

Artists cannot print posters until their schedule and venue have been confirmed by Fringe Theatre. Artists can go public with their information on Friday, June 28 2019, unless otherwise specified by the Programming department.


  • Fringe Theatre provides four designated postering locations on official Festival grounds that are strictly managed by Fringe Theatre.
  • Fringe Theatre requires four (4) laminated 11” x 17” (portrait or landscape) posters to be dropped off at the administration desk at the ATB Financial Arts Barns (10330 84 Ave) starting Tuesday, August 14, 2018 at 12 noon.
    • Feature Poster Wall along the outside wall of Orange Hall (opposite the Library).
    • Poster boards located at the east side of 104 St, just south of 83 Ave (in front of C’est Sera/Accent Lounge)
    • East Entrance Poster Wall along the Wine Tent fencing (83 Ave, opposite the Farmers Market)
  • Poster boards along 85 Ave between 104 St and Gateway Blvd (by Steel Wheels/The Armoury) If you travel with a pull-up banner, these are allowed to be placed outside the door of the Lottery venue during the day. It is the artist’s responsibility to set up and take these down during official Festival hours. Pull-up banners cannot stay overnight, and cannot be placed anywhere else on site.
  • Outside of these areas, there will be NO POSTERING ON THE FESTIVAL SITE. Any posters placed onsite will be taken down by Festival staff. It is strictly forbidden to post posters on temporary Festival structures, buildings, lamp posts, street signs, portable toilets, fences, or any other private property. Posters that are posted in forbidden zones will be removed at the Artist’s expense including fines acquired through city bylaw infractions. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Off Site Postering

  • Strathcona ATB Financial Branch (8008 104 St NW) will put up a poster board outside their branch starting Tuesday, August 14th for Festival artists. We ask that you only put one of your show posters on this board to allow space for your fellow artists.
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to remove all posters at the end of the Festival. Help us keep Old Strathcona green and clean!
  • Please extend your kindness when postering in public spaces offsite such as the Whyte Avenue poster towers. These are also used by other local events, bands, and community shows, so please show them the same courtesy you’re showing your fellow Fringe artists. Unfortunately, Fringe Theatre has no control over off-site postering and other non-Fringe posters.
  • Please be responsible and respectful when postering. There are 229 shows all looking for visual space, so please be kind to your fellow artists.

Show Cancellations

All artists are expected be present for all scheduled performances. However, during the Festival there are times when a show must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

Fringe Theatre may choose to cancel a show if:

  • Performance conditions are unsafe or untenable due to inclement weather.
  • An artist fails to appear on time for his or her performance.
  • The performance contravenes a law of the Governments of Canada, Alberta, or Edmonton.
  • A Force Majeure/Act of Nature occurs (including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, lightning strike, disease, war, riot, insurrection, performance failures of parties outside the control of Fringe Theatre, destruction of property, act of terrorism, acts of public authorities, government regulations, labor dispute, and strike.)
  • A legitimate reason not listed above.

An Artist may choose to cancel a show if:

  • A member of their company does not show up for the performance.
  • A member of their company is ill.
  • An artist has a personal emergency.
  • Performance conditions are unsafe or untenable due to inclement weather.
  • A legitimate reason not listed above.

The Artistic Director, Murray Utas, must confirm a cancellation before the Box Office will process the request.

Changes in the schedule of performances must be handled as follows:

  • If a producer or performer wishes to cancel a show, they must submit a written request to the Artistic Director, Murray Utas and the Artist Liaison, Celia McGhan. The request must be approved by the Artistic Director before it is officially cancelled. Once the cancellation has been confirmed, the Artistic Director will notify the Box Office Manager and Venue Technical Director, as well as the Development Director who will inform any reviewers who may be booked to review the show.
  • Lottery artists: If any tickets were sold by the Box Office for the cancelled performance, A Fringe Theatre representative will be at the lottery venue to redirect patrons to the Central Box Office for a rebooking or a refund.
  • BYOV artists: If a performance is cancelled, it is the BYOV artist’s responsibility to meet the patrons at their venue and issue the refund.
  • The change will be published in the daily Festival information news feed on Fringe Theatre’s social media accounts and website.

Poor ticket sales are not are a legitimate reason to cancel a performance. If a show is cancelled without the authorization of Fringe Theatre, it is solely the artist’s responsibly to handle the patrons. Fringe Theatre will not issue refunds to these tickets. A cancellation fee may apply.


  • A Sold Out show is a performance that has sold 95% of all available inventory of senior/student tickets and general admission tickets. Available inventory does not include artist comp holds, volunteer comp holds and wheelchair stall tickets.
  • Sold Outs stickers for public master schedules will be done retroactively within a 24 hour time frame. If BYOV door sale tickets were issued, the artist needs to bring the ticket stubs back to Artist Services before Sold Out stickers can be issued.
  • We encourage patrons to check back online or at any Box Office an hour before the performance for any additional seats that may be released at that time.

Ticket Refunds

Fringe Theatre has a policy in place that there are no latecomers, no refunds, and no exchanges. This is on the ticket stub so all patrons are aware of this.

Refunds on tickets will be processed at the Central Box Office and will only be issued if:

  • A patron arrived late for a performance due to a mistake made by Fringe Theatre staff or volunteers (e.g. providing incorrect directions to a venue, closing the door to the venue early according to “Official Fringe Time,” misprint of address on ticket, misprint in the Program Guide, etc.).
  • A performance was cancelled and authorized by Fringe Theatre.
  • Another extreme and legitimate reason as determined by Fringe Theatre.

Holdovers Series

The Holdover Series is the first offering of the Fringe Theatre Season each year. The Series is curated by the Artistic Director, Murray Utas, using the following criteria:

  • Quality – Is the show well executed in its performance, delivery, and staging with a clear depth of thought and story?
  • Diversity Does the show offer new paradigms and perspectives, or give voice to the minority, the unheard, or overlooked?
  • Relevance – Does the show reflect issues or concerns in our community, globally or locally?
  • Scale-ability – Does the show have the framework and potential to scale from a Fringe production to a touring show or season production?
  • Capacity – Are there still audiences eager to see your show?
  • Fit – Does the show align within the upcoming Fringe Theatre season?
  • Variety – We strive to curate a balanced Holdover Series that offers a range of genres, styles and techniques.

We recognize the breadth of talent that appears at Edmonton’s Fringe Festival. Unfortunately, it’s often greater than our capacity to hold over and we are grateful for the immense creativity and hard-work of all Fringe artists.


Fringe Theatre’s policy is that the Festival grounds are a smoke-free site.  This includes tabacco, cannabis, and vaping, and applies to patrons, volunteers, artists, and staff. We ask for your cooperation with this policy.

BYOV Fire, Flames, and Cigarettes

We encourage BYOV artists to follow the same policy as our Lottery venues which includes:

  • A bylaw introduced in Edmonton in 2005 prohibits smoking, holding a lit cigarette, or burning of any tobacco product in public facilities. Herbal cigarettes are no longer permitted in any venue as of 2009. Please recognize that a fine will likely be issued by the City of Edmonton if the bylaw is not abided by.
  • All venues do not allow for the use of open flame or sparks during performances.
  • No pyrotechnics of any kind.
  • All productions must ensure that all items on-stage (costumes, props, drapes, etc.) have been properly fireproofed. If you have questions about fireproofing, please contact Fringe Theatre’s Venue Technical Director.

Artists Fundraising Policy


We LOVE our artists, and want to provide you the platforms and infrastructure you need to have a successful Fringe show. Each year we spend nearly $3.5M to produce the Fringe Festival. As a charity, we rely heavily on donations from individuals and organizations to raise the funds necessary to produce the Festival each year. As such, we ask artists to refrain from soliciting donations or gifts for your company or show during the Festival (with the exception of outdoor performers while they are actively performing on site). This includes, but is not limited to:

  • passing the hat or bucket before or after a show
  • soliciting patrons by email, phone, or mail during the run of the Festival
  • asking patrons to “round up” ticket prices at the door
  • exchanging or auctioning activities or opportunities for donations, even if the activity/opportunity will occur after the Festival concludes

Violation of this policy may result in immediate termination of your participation in the Festival, or bans from participating in future Festivals.

If you are looking for a creative way to raise funds and promote your show during the festival we encourage you to consider selling merchandise at a “suggested price” or by donation following your show.

Fundraisers, Pre-Festival

Please do not include FringeTM  in the title of your event or fundraiser. FringeTM is trademarked so you cannot do this. You can however include Edmonton FringeTM in the description of your event. This is also for patron clarity as we want to avoid confusion that the event is a FringeTM sanctioned event.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact Murray Utas, Artistic Director at murray.utas@fringetheatre.ca.