Each year we invest more than $150,000 in media and marketing support to help develop audiences for the Festival. Our campaigns are designed to increase ticket sales and media coverage – and its working!

In the last two years, we’ve increased ticket sales by 14% and media coverage by 170%!

One example of how we are doing this is by responding to patron needs. For example, with so many shows to choose from, patrons expressed being overwhelmed. So, we created the Show Randomizer – which uses an algorithm to autogenerate a performance at random for patrons to see. In its first year the Randomizer sold more than $28,000 in ticket sales!

To continue growing, we encourage artists to work alongside us by utilizing the opportunities and guidelines we’ve developed below.

Our wordmarks and festival themed graphics can be found for download here. Before using our wordmark please be sure to review our brand guideline booklet, included in the download folder.

Below are a few opportunities for you to promote your show. Details on how you can participate in these activities will be emailed to the primary contact closer to date.

  • Festival Media Launch, Wed, Aug 7, 2019 – Attended by all major media outlets and patrons, this event provides artists 1 minute to pitch their show to the crowd.
  • Opening Ceremonies, Thurs, Aug 15, 2019 at the ATB Outdoor Stage – Attended by major media outlets and patrons, this event is the kickoff to the Festival!
  • Free for All, Aug 16, 17, 18, 2019 at 5pm in the North Beer Tent Attended by media reviewers and patrons, artists have 90 seconds to pitch their show.
  • Late Night Cabaret, August 16 – 24, 2019 at the Big Rock Backstage Theatre – A variety show produced by Fringe Theatre, guest artists are invited to perform bits, do interviews, and other wacky endeavors in front of sold-out audiences each night. To be considered, pitch your show by emailing the Cabaret Coordinator, Beth Dart (bdart@catchthekeys.ca).

Artist may purchase ads in our Festival Guide or on our Festival Billboard. Commitments and ads are due in June each year. Details will be sent to the primary contact in the spring. 

Show posters may only be hung on the Festival site on designated poster walls billboards by the Fringe Theatre staff. This ensures each show receives adequate promotion and that our site remains visually clean- making it easier for patrons to read and learn about new shows.

If you would like your show poster including on our outdoor billboards please provide four laminated 11” x 17” posters to the Fringe Theatre Administration Office in the ATB Financial Arts Barns. Posters received later than the Wednesday prior to the start of the Festival are not guaranteed to be hung by Opening Ceremonies.

Our media team meets with every major media outlet, paper, zine, and even professional bloggers to coordinate a strategy each year. With more than 200 shows, individual releases are overwhelming and ineffective.

As a result, the media has requested that all outreach to the press be coordinated through Fringe Theatre. Please refrain from sending media releases, press kits, or other information to the media unless they directly contact you.

To make it easier for the media to access your show information, we’ve created a one-stop web portal. There, artists can upload their press kits for media teams to download.

Below are the elements commonly requested by media. Please pay specific attention to the size of the items you upload, as media will refrain from attempting large files due to time constraints.

Items for Press Kit

  • Video clips of the show (most highly sought-after request)
  • Pictures (2MB or smaller)
  • Show poster
  • Show synopsis
  • Cast and crew bios
  • Quotes from the artistic team (What makes your show special?)
  • Contact information (should media want to contact you for interview)

Please label all files to include the show name, company name and who is captured in clip/photo.

Uploading Press Kit to Web Portal

The portal will be available beginning in July. To upload your kit use the following instructions:

  1. Login in to Web Portal using these credentials: Username: ftp.user Password: Festiv@l#2019
  2. On the left navigation bar, click “FTP Artist Share”
  3. Click on folder “2019 Artist Information”
  4. Click on folder with your show’s title
  5. On the top bar, click “New” – a dropdown menu will appear – click “Upload”
  6. A small window will pop up, click “Pick File”
  7. Choose your respective files to upload and click “Open” – please note that you can upload multiple photos at once
  8. Your files will upload to your show file

To incentivize and target new audiences, we execute strategies that utilize discount offers, coupons, promo codes and passes. These strategies are monitored and evaluated each year to ensure they are helping grow ticket sales and elevate the patron experience so they continue to attend the Festival each year.

If you have any questions about these marketing and promotional efforts please contact us! communications@fringtheatre.ca

  1. Put show reviews and past show success on your promotional materials.
  2. Include location, performance times, and ticket price on promotional materials.
  3. Purchase advertisement space in the Festival Guide and Outdoor Festival Billboard
  4. Word of mouth is the most effective marketing, start show buzz by distributing your artist comp and Pump Up the Volume tickets to random patrons early in the Festival.
  5. With more than 30,000 followers, be sure to take advantage of Fringe Festivals social media channels. Engage in the conversation using the hashtag #YEGFringe and follow us online:
    • Twitter @EdmontonFringe
    • Instagram @EdmontonFringe
    • Facebook @FringeTheatre