Stay tuned as we draw the lottery results on Monday, November 25. Results will be posted to our website. Please note: BYOV applications will open in the New Year.

Calling all local, national, and international theatre and outdoor artists! Apply to take part in our lottery for a spot in one of our Fringe operated venues or outdoor stages.

Deadline & Fees

Applications must be received by Monday, November 18, 2019. Fees and streams through which you may apply are as follows:

  • Local, National, International Theatre Artists: $750 +GST ($787.50)
  • Theatre for Young Artists (TYA): $675.00 +GST ($708.75)
  • Outdoor Performers: $625.00 +GST ($656.25)

General Information

Shows are selected by lottery and scheduled by Festival staff. Lottery applications require payment of an entrance fee and an administration fee. Artists who are not successful will be reimbursed their entrance fee. All applicants must adhere to our Festival Artist Terms & Conditions, as well as our Festival Artist Policies.

Learn more about our Outdoor Performer Lottery and Outdoor Artists Program here. Learn more about our Indoor Theatre Lottery Program below.

Indoor Lottery Award

Approximately 100 indoor shows are awarded $8,000 in support. Specifically, lottery recipients receive:

  • Performance venue, equipped with seating risers, chairs, staging, and masking;
  • Lighting and sound equipment;
  • Two (2) professional technicians for each performance and one (1) rehearsal;
  • Box office, public relations, advertising, and marketing support.

Indoor Lottery Guidelines

Failure to abide by the following guidelines may result in removal from the lottery, loss of your application entrance fee, and/or loss of performance spot.

  1. Show must be less than ninety (90) minutes in length;
  2. Successful applicants cannot sell or transfer their spot in the Festival to another artist/company;
  3. Applicants cannot submit multiple applications for the same show. Fringe Theatre requires unique fields in company name and primary contact. If an applicant wishes to put in more than one application under their company name, the remaining applications will be disqualified if one application is drawn;
  4. If an application entrance fee payment is accidentally made twice, additional fees will apply to refund the second payment; and
  5. Applicant must meet all deadlines set by Fringe Theatre.

Questions? Please contact our Programming Department at

Equity Lottery Program

We are committed to an ongoing effort to support an inclusive, accessible, and diverse theatre arts community.

Everyone must start somewhere, but not everyone has equal access to the opportunities and resources to do so. To address this, we use a lottery system to award equity-seeking artists support for their Festival show.


Mowat Diversity Award

The Mowat Diversity Award re-imagines the landscape of theatre by creating an opportunity to enrich the diversity of the artists and their stories on stage.

Through the Mowat Diversity Award we have dedicated one lottery spot to support equity-seeking artists – providing them a venue spot, technicians, lighting, sound equipment, box office support, marketing, public relations and advertising in support of their show, plus a $500 cash prize, mentorship facilitated by the Fringe Theatre Artistic Director, and reimbursement of their Festival application fee in full.