To maintain a financially accessible Festival for all patrons, we ask artist to set ticket prices within a $7 to $13 range. Artists may define two ticket prices (regular and student/senior). All prices set by artists include GST. 

Festival tickets go on sale eight days prior to the first day of the Festival.

Box Office Support

All Indoor Artist receive box office and ticketing support. With seven box offices across the city and Festival site, as well as online ticket sales, we provide everything necessary to execute sales to your show. These services are provided within the following terms and conditions. Fringe Theatre will:

  • Collect all revenue through their ticketing services.
  • Sell up to 100% of a performances ticket inventory in advance.
  • Artists receive 100% of the ticket price, less GST and any applicable withholding taxes.
  • Remit any taxes, including GST, to the Receiver General of Canada.
  • Apply a $3 service fee to each ticket sold, which helps cover the cost of box office operations.
  • Include wheelchair seating at venues whenever possible. These stalls are included in the total ticket inventory and can only be sold to wheelchair patrons. This inventory will NOT be released for sale to able-bodied patrons.
  • More info on our box office can be found here.

Volunteer Comps

On average, for every 16 hours of services a volunteer receives the opportunity to claim one comp ticket. Artists can choose one of the following two options for volunteer comp tickets:

  1. Unlimited comps. By choosing this option volunteers can use a comp ticket to access general ticket so long as there is one available for sale. If chosen, a cap cannot be placed later in the run.
  2. Cap the house. By choosing this option only 5% of a performances capacity will be available for volunteer comp tickets.  If chosen, artists can remove the cap at any time during the run. However once removed it cannot be placed back.

For capped performances, a report will be run daily at 5PM (MST), capturing any show occurring in the following 24 hours. Any performance that has sold 80% or more of its available inventory will have the balance of the cap released back for public sale.

One hour before every performance all volunteer comp tickets are released back for public sale.

Daily Discount Deals

Artists can choose to sell tickets to a performance at a 50% off discounted price. Discounted tickets are only available for purchase by patrons on the day of the performance. Tickets purchased in prior to the performance day will be sold at full price.  Refunds are not provided to patrons that purchased at full price and then seek the difference in the discounted price.

Requests must be made in person by the primary or secondary contact at Artist Services. To create a discount for a performance you must submit the request by 5PM (MST) on the day BEFORE the performance. Only performances beginning at noon or later may be considered.

By participating in the Daily Discount Deals, a performance may sell out inventory at the discounted rate.

Sell Out Performances

A sold-out show is a performance that has sold 95% of available inventory. This inventory does not include artist and volunteer comps, holds, and wheelchair stall tickets.

Sold out stickers will be posted on site schedules within 24 hours for shows that do not have door sale tickets. BYOV shows that have inventory to sell at the door will not receive stickers until ticket stubs are remitted at Artist Services.

Door Ticket Sales by BYOV Shows

Advance tickets for BYOV shows will be sold by the Festival box offices until show time. A request can be submitted to Artists Services by the primary or secondary contact to have a designated number of tickets withdrawn from inventory to sell at the door. This request must be made a minimum of two hours prior to the performance start time.

Only shows how have had tickets withdrawn from the inventory in advance may sell tickets at the door. These tickets must be sold at their full price. Failure to comply with this guideline may result in removal from the Festival and/or being banned from participating in future Festivals.

BYOV artists are responsible for the remittance of any taxes related to door sales to the Receiver General of Canada.

BYOV Seating

The seating capacity for BYOV show venues is provided by the venue producer and approved by the Artistic Director (including any changes). This number is determined by taking the total number of artists, technicians, front of house staff, and others who will be in the venue during the show, and subtracting it from the legal capacity of the venue.

Additionally, we require wheelchair stalls to be accounted for separately in our box office system. These stalls are included in the total inventory, but will only be sold by the box office to patrons with mobility aids (such as scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs). This inventory will NOT be released at any time to able-bodied patrons. Only venues that are wheelchair accessible, including wheelchair accessible washrooms, will have wheelchair stalls reserved.

To help ensure we do not oversell seats, Fringe Theatre deducts two seats from all venues, reserved as “trouble seats”. These seats are not public, nor are they reflected in sales reports (link to sales reports web page). These seats are not available for sale by the box office, or by door ticket sales.