You, the artist, are why we produce the Fringe Festival. Your inspiration and creativity astound us – and we are proud to support you. As a founding member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), we adhere to the CAFF guidelines – producing a unjuried, uncensored Festival.

Our Festival hosts approximately 1,500 artists each year. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to artists, allowing you to collectively earn more than $1.2M through the box office each year.

We operate 11 venues that can support an average of 95 shows each year. Shows are selected by lottery and scheduled by Festival staff. Each show selected receives approximately $8,000 in support, such as staging, lighting, technicians, and venue.

Below are the artists from around the world, across the country, and right here at home in Edmonton who have been selected in this year’s lottery. Please note: list is subject to change. Waitlist artists will be contacted directly by our programming department. BYOV, circle show, and walk-by busker applications will open in early 2020.


1Tales with a TwistCalum Lykan Storytelling
2Anna Saves the MarshAutistic Productions
3Curious CircusDrea Lusion
4Kids PlayToy Boat
5MAGICVissertainments Productions
6Fringe Fairy Finds her WingsCranstone Cottage
7African FolktalesYegArtsDiva Productions


1Sensation! German fixes America, saves world! Paco Erhard
3ZeekTech Productions 2020ZeekTech Productions
4A Grave MistakeA Little Bit Off
5Erik de WaalErik de Waal
690 lies and hour: Paul StricklandPaul Strickland Presents
7The Salt In Your FoodK.I.A. Productions
8Dirk Darrow: NCSSITim Motley
9David and Kate get RemarriedProject Y
10Trump Sonnets or: How I've Taken on Donald Trump (and Won)Ken Waldman, Nomadic Productions
11The Road BackChrysalis Theatre Company
12Martin Dockery: The New ShowMartin Dockery
13The Performance ReviewSPNP Tech
14Whiskey Flicks Live!Whiskey Flicks
15The Great & Powerful Tim: A Magic ShowThe Great & Powerful Tim
16FAUST (Beat the Devil!)Anthropos
17Bowie on a BoatThe Best Medicine Productions
18Lord of the FilesLesley Tsina
19Booger RedJim Loucks
20Helena and Hermia Get Sh!t DoneElephant and Oak
219 LivesThe Scrapyard
22LIVE NUKES!The Central Scrutinizers
23Stick or Wizard?Eee!
24JUICEBOXLe Why Not Productions
25Robert Will Show You the Door ( tales of being fired)Jeremy Productions
26Ye Jacobites by NameCalum Lykan Storytelling


1MIND GAMES: Brain-Bending MagicNewman Mentalism
2Angels and AliensPeachy Keen Productions
3TBDMoving Van Productions
4The Morning After With Pam & PaulaPower Pause Productions
5Underdog TheatreAlice Nelson
6Lady Rash ~ Don't Google ItCrowning Monkey Comedy Productions
7War ComicPete Zedlacher
9The Fourth R: RevolutionDance Fachin
10The Life HenriStill Your Friend
11Absolute MagicKeith Brown
12I, FRIDAAy, Caramba! Theatre
13BedwetterDrawing Board Productions
14A Tribute to Mademoiselle PoganySelchie Theatre
15Tom CruisaderChip Pop Productions
16Donna Carnivora's Killer PartyImpromptu Fantasy Theatre
17Shirley Gnome: DecoxificationHeartichoke Arts
18No Big DealTomo Suru
19Boy Falls From The SkyPast Future Productions
20Grade 8gypsyWASPproductions
21JULIET: A Revenge ComedyMonster Theatre
22VSCO Girl [working title]Joylyn Secunda
23Project-a-SketchMind of a Snail Puppet Co.
24Desperate ShakespeareIam Shakespeare
25Tomatoes Tried to Kill Me But Banjos Saved My Life 1Quivering Dendrites
26EnigmaCtM Entertainment


1Mi Habana Querida - A Dance Musical - MOWATCuban Movements Dance School
2Deafy - Diversity CategoryFollow the Signs Theatre
3Not From HereInnercourse Rucksack
4Jamar Malachi Neighbors: Compton, CA 1986Jamar Malachi Neighbors
5I Sold My Soul For Magic Tricks and AdderallGowen Entertainment Inc
6The Sofia VirusCrossed Lines Theatre
7A Taste of RadiumKeyes Unlocks
8The Other SideDEPTH Perception Productions
9Radioactive Wasteland Variety HourThe Debutantes
10Half the BattleEdith 47 Productions
12Indeed I IsWhizgiggling Productions
13The House of Mary MagdaleneThe Hysterics
14There Will Be a Cool Title HereHaven Theatre Society
15The TripThe Trip Productions
16Black MagicAlpha Hypnosis
17Light withinkore dance
18First WordsTeatro Peregrination
19Pop.1280Savage Art Theatre
20Fringe PlayReal Theatre
21Swan SongC'mon Productions
23Waterviva dance company
24CommencementKerosene Theatre
25Terrible Together: A New MusicalSuccess 5000 Productions
26Way to Go Neil: A New MusicalSam and Jonny Theatre
27The Game's a KneeGo Go Productions
28Keep Your FlowersChameleon
29The Last Things We Said and DidLow Hanging Fruits
30Wild Moo's ChaseCathexis Theatre
31Anna's ShellWriting on the Wall
32Alex and Michael and HannahTake a Bite Productions
33Scooby Don'tDammitammy Productions
34Bruno & MajorShowdog Theatre
35The Man with Two Left FeetStory of My Life Theatre
36Don't You F**king Say a WordNot My Circus


1The Farmer's Daughter ShowThe Farmer's Daughter Show
2The Amazing BikeBoyBikeboy productions
3The Street CircusThe Street Circus
4The TNT Show at Edmonton FringeKiki Vita
5The Wally ShowWallyCorp
6Ross VegasRoss Vegas
7The Unicycling UnicornThe Unicycling Unicorn
8Street SurferAidan Bayliss
9Imre Bernath - Social SaltoSocial Salto
10Undead NewlywedsUndead Newlyweds
11AngusMagicoAngus and Friends
12Asaf N' RollAsaf Barsella
13Vinyl Burns' Rock'N'Roll CircusKiwi Comedy Ltd
14Big Wheel ShowHappy Haps Productions
15Tony SteinbachTony Steinbach