Submit Your Made-Up Show! Enter to WIN a FREE spot in the 2021 Festival!

We know this pandemic is having a very real, very difficult impact on you, your career, and our entire arts industry. We feel it too.

Cancelling the Festival this year is a devastating $3Million loss to our organization. As a charitable organization, this loss could have a major impact on our operations for years to come.

Which is why we’re launching the Tears, Beers, and Tickets You’ll Never Use fundraiser.

Our goal is to raise $1Million.

You read right. $1Million. Sounds wild, right? But, if 100,000 fringers donate just $10, we will fringe on. Last year alone, fringers purchased 147,000 tickets to Fringe shows (that’s $1.72Million in ticket sales!). We know Edmonton loves to fringe, and gosh darnit, we want to fringe with you forever.

In a normal year, 100% of the ticket price goes directly back to you, the artist. Fringe Theatre charges a $3 service fee on every ticket sold to help us stay afloat. That $3 ensures we can maintain our venues, pay our staff, and bring in audiences to see your shows.

This year, to help us get back on our feet, we’re flipping the script.

30% of every dollar raised will go toward the Edmonton Fringe Artist Endowment. This new fund will provide support for Fringe theatre artists and arts workers for years to come. When we reach our goal, we will invest more than $300,000 in artists and arts workers including technicians, stage managers, and designers. The annual earnings from this endowment will ensure we can provide support in times of need, for years to come.

70% of every dollar raised will ensure Edmonton Fringe can maintain day-to-day operations and come back better than ever next year. It will help us open the doors of the ATB Financial Arts Barns to our community faster. It will help us connect you with Edmonton audiences again. It will help us get back to doing what we do best: planning the Edmonton Fringe Festival and being a home to art all year long.

By keeping our organization financially healthy, we can continue to support you and artists like you. And we want nothing more than to get back to supporting, showcasing, and celebrating you and your art. A healthy Fringe is a healthy arts community.  

We know everyone and every industry has suffered significant loss due to the pandemic. We aren’t the only ones hurting. But, none of us can successfully recover alone. Artists are at the heart of everything we do. We’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly together over the past 39 years. Your help now will ensure we make a comeback next year. Let’s make it another 39 years together (and then another 39, and another 39…).

Here’s how you can help:

Submit a description for a made up show you’ll never perform.   

On August 5, 2020, we will launch a Ticket Drive in support of our $1Million fundraising goal. To help motivate fringers to support this campaign, we will release “tickets” to “shows” that fringers will never see. These “tickets” will actually be donations to Fringe Theatre in support of the Artist Endowment Fund and our recovery.

So, go big. Now’s the time to write the description for that show with pyro and live tigers and 500 gallons of water and that rad disappearing smoke bomb gag you’ve never actually wanted to perform. Be sure to include your real name, actual social media handles, and legit website, though, because we do want audiences to still connect with you even if they can’t see your show this year.

As a thank you for helping us raise awareness in support of our fundraising campaign, when you submit a made-up show description, you will be entered into a draw to win a free lottery spot in the 2021 Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.

SUBMIT YOUR MADE-UP SHOW NOW! Deadline extended July 26!