You, the artist, are why we produce the Fringe Festival. Your inspiration and creativity astound us – and we are proud to support you. As a founding member of the Canadian Association of Fringe Festivals (CAFF), we adhere to the CAFF guidelines – producing a unjuried, uncensored Festival.

Our Festival hosts approximately 1,500 artists each year. 100% of the ticket price goes directly to artists, allowing you to collectively earn more than $1.2M through the box office each year.

We operate 11 venues that can support an average of 105 shows each year. Shows are selected by lottery and scheduled by Festival staff. Each show selected receives approximately $8,000 in support, such as staging, lighting, technicians, and venue.

Below are the artists from around the world, across the country, and right here at home in Edmonton who have been selected in this year’s lottery. Please note: list is subject to change. BYOV, circle show, and walk-by busker applications will open in 2019.


Show TitleCompany Name
To Bee or Not to BeePiti Theatre Company
Tales from the CalabashArtsDiva Productions
Opera MouseMelanie Gall Presents
We Now Know: The Complete History of ScienceMonster Theatre for Kids
Miss ElectricyNot My Circus Productions
Baba YagaAlberta Opera


Show TitleCompany Name
Denial is a Wonderful ThingExit Theatre
SpinSJanoah "anygoodjokes?"
Love Songs For Future GirlWeeping Spoon Productions
Destiny, USAConvection Productions
13 Dead Dreams of "Eugene"Theatre Mobile
An open and honest* History of BullshitPaco Erhard
The Unrepentant NecrophileThe Coldharts
Divinely Bette - Bette-er Than EverAnother Laurel Production
Flutter BirdMaryclare McCauley
Jung & CrazyYaakov Bressler & Robert Keller
St KildaThe Obscura Factory
Series JunkiesTheater im Bahnhof
Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen and Penny AshtonPenash Productions
Man Cave; a One-Man Sci-fi Climate Change Tragicomedy!Timothy Mooney Repertory Theatre
A Fatal StepVice Productions
Jay & EytanJay & Eytan
Jon Bennett: Playing With MenA Mulled Whine
Dangerous When Wet: Booze, Sex, and My MotherredBrick Agency
Kevin, King of EgyptRob Gee
He Wants to Run!David Kleinberg
The Spy In The Perfect Placebig word performance
The Story of a Nice White LadyHouston Robertson
Diary of a deaf folksingerRandy Rutherford Presents
Are You Lovin' It?Theatre Group GUMBO
My Stroke of LuckDiane Barnes
Portal TheatrePortal Theatre
It's Now or Never: My Life in the Late Middle AgesThird Act Productions
No, You Can't Return Discount ShrimpBessie-Jean Productions


Show TitleCompany Name
Naked Tourist, Sacred MountainWrite in the Kisser/ Dumb Ax Productions
Monica vs. the Internet: Tales of a Social Justice WarriorRage Sweater Theatre Productions
An Actor's QuestArthur MacKinnon
Didn't HurtTonic Records
Things the Trees Taught ThemMeg Webster
The Most Unlikely Comedian ( Equity Lottery Winner! )Autistic Productions
Casual TeaAaron Malkin
One-Man Tommykevztunz
Middle RagedGeriwinkle Inc.
New and AwesomeSNAFU
Tomatoes Tried To Kill Me But Banjos Saved My LifeQuivering Dendrites
Identity Crisistheatre humani-terre
Affair of HonorAffair of Honor
Game of Crohn'sGame of Crohn's
Second Hand FuneralSpec Theatre
Graham Clark and the Fear of ClownsLaugh Gallery
Last Days on KryptonLaugh From Crying
Person of InterestLunkamud
Trummp the MusicalPeter MacDonald Productions
Peter N ChrisPeter N Chris
Art of KneedingFarenheight350
How Hard Could THAT Be?Last Lap Productions
Red Haired GirlNew Years Resolution Productions
The Moaning YoniJoylyn Secunda
Jimmy HoggJimmy Hogg
Rabbit Stew: UncensoredBen Price Magic
Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the FunLark and Whimsy Theatre Collective
How to Confront a RhinocerosTinkerspace Theatre
GitchS.E. Grummett


Show TitleCompany Name
Judy Garland and Deanna: Two Smart GirlsMelanie Gall Presents
Happy Hour ( Mowat Award Winner! )Ai-Site
The Green LineIn Arms Theatre Collective
The 3AM SubtextGlass Buffalo Theatre
PiranhaThe Magnetic Theatre Company
Blow Your Wig presents: A Prewar Guide to Datingblow your wig
Hero SyndromeSteller Star Studios
The PolterguestClutch at Your Pearls
When the Walls BendStacie Clarke
Beat the Devil (Faust the Whole Story)Athropos Theatre Edmonton
The Anal StageGusul-Reynolds Productions
Now. Hear. This.Round Barn Theatre
The Good BookDammitammy Productions
TrappedThread Theatre
The WaspWhizgiggling Productions
For One Night OnlyRazor Babes
The TripThe Trip
HagarAlma Theatre
I Hate Shakespeare!Not My Circus Productions
Princess BearMoist Humour Productions
Hand to GodHonest Bandits Productions
Abraham Lincoln Goes to the Theatrewishbone theatre
#IRLSynaethesis Dance Theatre
The Waiting RoomElise Marie Images
The Flying DetectiveAccidental Humour Co.
Notre Dame of Paris-The MusicalMusicalmania! Production Co.
The Splendiferous Quagmires of Mr. Filliam CroweDavid Rae
Inside Jack's BOX Episode 3Young State of Mind Theatre
Hope SoupSnowflake Productions
Waterviva dance
The Thunderous ThumpingCom Ick Tye Ming productions
For Science!Small Matters Productions
The Shit ShowGirl Clown
One Clown's TrashPolka Dot Productions
Inn The BushMermaid in the Shade Productions
IngenuePraise Doris Productions
White Rhino ComedyWhite Rhino Comedy
The Debutantes Present: My Mistake!The Debutantes


Show TitleCompany Name
Bendy EmBendy Em
The Cate Great ShowCate Great!
Hoop and HatChris without the Hat
Toni Smith Show - Throw ShowToni Smith Show
Sven from SwedenSven from Sweden
ALAKAZAM "The Human Knot"Alakazam Productions
Lisa LottieLisa Lottie
Bex in MotionBex in Motion
Crazy Eyed TonyTony Steinbach
Major League Circus ShowMajor League Circus Show
The Street CircusThe Street Circus
Groovy GuyGroovy Guy
Reuben DotDotDotReuben DotDotDot
The Silver StarletsThe Silver Starlets
The Brucie ShowConradical Entertainment
Billy Kidd ShowBilly Kidd Show