Tears, Beers & Tickets You’ll Never Use
A Fringe Telethon


Wednesday, August 5 would have been our annual Ticket On Sale Day. On this day, avid fringers would line up outside the ATB Financial Arts Barns starting as early as 6am (no kidding!) in anticipation of snagging a coveted Festival Pass and show tickets.

At 12Noon sharp, passes and tickets would go on sale. Our sales systems would inevitably crash as thousands of fringers all try to buy passes and tickets at the same time. The Barns would be bustling with artists pitching their shows, and fringers armed with Program Guides and highlighters as they plan their best Fringe ever.

Obviously, things are very different this year. We’re going to miss the beautiful chaos of Ticket On Sale Day.

So, instead of selling tickets to real live shows this year, we decided to go old school, and host our first ever TELETHON to kickstart our Tears, Beers & Tickets You’ll Never Use fundraiser.

Our goal is to raise $1Million.

You heard right. $1Million. Sounds wild, right? But, if 100,000 fringers donate just $10, we will fringe on. Last year alone, fringers purchased 147,000 tickets to Fringe shows (that’s $1.72Million in ticket sales!). We know Edmonton loves to fringe, and gosh darnit, we want to fringe with you forever.

So, fringers. It’s time to go big…by staying home.

There are so many ways you can help.

Donate your yearly Fringe budget: the same amount you’d usually spend on tickets, the Festival Program Guide, and green onion cakes.

Donate one $10 ticket to a show you’ll never see. Our Festival artists have created totally bogus, absolutely bonkers descriptions for shows you will never see. Starting August 5, you can donate a $10 ticket to a made up show you’ll never see in support of our campaign and the newly established Fringe Theatre Artist Endowment Fund, an emergency fund available to Fringe artists – including technicians, stage managers, designers, performers, playwrights and more – in crises.

Or, donate a $7 beer you’ll never drink so we can Fringe Forever.

Give a little, help a lot.

We hope you’ll tune into FringeTV & join us for the fun!

Big thanks to our friends at Global News, 630 CHED, CISN Country 103.9, Chuck @ 92.5, and Global News Radio 880 Edmonton for their exclusive support of our Telethon!