Outie: (noun) /oute/ A person who favours seeing outdoor theatrical performances and buskers when fringing.

Busk: ‘to busk’. Busker (verb) /buhsk/ a. To entertain by juggling, balancing, pulling a rabbit out of a hat, or other amazing feats of entertainment on the street or in a public place. b. To make a showy or noisy appeal.

Free Festival Admission

Thanks to the generosity of sponsors and individual community members, like you, our outdoor Festival events and activities are FREE. If you love the Festival, consider making a donation.

Passing the Hat

Our outdoor performers work hard to make your jaws drop. It’s how they make their living. Thank them for their talent and toss them some toonies, or even a twenty!

Patios – The Outie’s Paradise

Whether you’re putting in a full day of fringing or stopping by for a refreshing beverage between shows or after work, we’ve got a patio for you.

Check back later for patio locations and hours.