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Below please find content advisories regarding the online performance of Tracks. Questions? Please contact info@amorisprojects.com or boxoffice@fringetheatre.ca.

Tracks explores its creators’ stories: the intimate, vulnerable things we often choose not to share. Because of the nature of the project, there may be topics that are sensitive for some audience members.

The following topics are explored throughout Tracks:

  • Substance abuse
  • Child neglect
  • Health crisis
  • Depression
  • Self-harm & suicide ideation
  • Racial stereotypes
  • Eating disorders
  • Death

Because you are able to choose certain stories to see throughout the viewing experience, it is possible to watch the show while avoiding some of these topics. If you’d like support in navigating the show to avoid topics that may be triggering for you, please contact info@amorisprojects.com.

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