There is magic in storytelling. And, we want everyone to share in that magic.

We strive to make the Fringe Festival welcoming and accessible for everyone. To assist patrons with accessibility concerns we partnered with CRIPSiE (the Collaborative Radically Integrated Performers Society in Edmonton) and the Sustainable, Political, Accessible Communities of Edmonton Project to provide an overview of our venues.

Find detailed Festival venue information here. If you have any updates or questions please contact us at

Wheelchair Accessibility

Patrons requiring a wheelchair stall ticket to a show must secure their ticket at the Box Office in person or by phone. General admission tickets purchased online do not guarantee wheelchair stall availability.

Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS) Drop Off

The DATS drop off is located on the east side of 103 ST just north of Whyte Ave. This area is designated. More information about DATS is provided by the City of Edmonton here.

Accessibility Specifications

Click below for information on each of our venues, including our theatre and box office spaces.

  • The ATB Financial Arts Barns is wheelchair accessible for all public spaces. This includes the lobby, box office, gendered washrooms, rehearsal spaces, and theatres.
  • Box office and entrance to the theatre is located outside and on the north side of the ATB Financial Arts Barns.
  • If coming from the west side of the building there are rail tracks on the path to the theatre. There is also a small lip in the concrete in front of the venue.
  • Both should be approached with care.
  • Main entrance to the theatre is accessible, with a 32” width clearance.
  • Reserved accessible seating is available in the front of the risers, or in some configurations at 29” high cabaret tables.
  • Gendered washrooms are accessible and have clearance for a 32”w x 32”h chair.
  • Washroom signs have braille.
  • The theatre is air conditioned.
  • The theatre entrance is accessible with a 32” width clearance.
  • Gender inclusive washrooms are accessible and have clearance for 32”w x 32”h chair.
  • The theatre is air conditioned.
  • Box office and theatre are located through the main entrance of the ATB Financial Arts Barns.
  • Area around ATB Financial Arts Barns is quite flat.
  • No stairs or ramps to get into the building or the theatre.
  • Doors into ATB Financial Arts Barns are a 34” width.
  • Entrance to Westbury Theatre is a 32” width.
  • Accessible seating is available on either side of the front row.
  • Gendered washrooms are available down the hall of the main lobby on the northeast side of the theatre.
  • Washrooms are accessible and have clearance for a 32”w x 32”h chair.
  • The theatre is air conditioned.

T-Coil Hearing Assist Loop

Our main box office and all theatre venues are equipped with telecoil (t-coil) hearing assist loops (active induction loop systems). This looping system allows those with hearing loss or who are hard of hearing to hear a broadcast of the performance transmitted directly to a hearing aid or cochlear implant electromagnetically with no extra equipment.

How to use the system:

  1. Check with your hearing aid provider to see if your hearing aids are t-coil equipped. If so, ask to have it activated.
  2. When you get to the theatre, switch on your t-coil. Adjust your hearing aid volume as needed.

The signal going to your ear will be modified by your own personal hearing aid settings.

Those without hearing aids or a t-coil can still benefit by using a portable receiver with a headset. Portable receivers with headsets are available on a first come, first serve basis, and can be reserved for a performance. For more information, or to reserve a device, please contact us at or visit our box office upon arrival.

Festival Accessibility

Find out more about accessibility of Fringe Festival venues here.