Meet the 2022 ATB Financial Golden Ticket Winner: Ma-Anne Escobar

You heard it here first: Ma-Anne Escboar is 2022’s lucky winner of the annual ATB Golden Ticket contest! She answered our online clues between August 4 and 20, earning multiple chances to win – and she did!

Sponsored by our Lead Partner & Sponsor ATB Financial, the ATB Golden Ticket grants Ma-Anne an exclusive experience at the 2023 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival, including:

  • $250 to spend;
  • 100 tickets redeemable to any Fringe Festival indoor performances;
  • VIP onsite parking for Fringe Festival;
  • Private catered dinner for two;
  • Two tickets to the Fringe Festival Wrap Party; and
  • 3-night stay at a hotel during the Fringe Festival!
Paper background with the ATB Golden Ticket logo on the left side. Gold sprinkles and paint cover the background. Green text reads: "Congratulations to" with gold text below: "Ma-Anne Escobar"

Read on to learn more about Ma-Anne and how she plans to make the 2023 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival golden!

Congratulations on your shiny ATB Golden Ticket! How long have you been fringing?

I started fringing in 2018, but I loved it so much that I volunteered the next year. 

What do you love most about fringing?

I love how it is such an adventure. Every show is a surprise and a different experience. I get to try different genres. Like this year, it was my first time to watch a magic show and a burlesque show.  

What is your favourite Fringe Festival memory?

Ma-Anne Escobar, a woman with shoulder-length blue hair with dark brown roots, glasses, a Volunteer badge, striped pink and white shirt, black pants, and running shoes. They stand at the large colourful FRINGE letters on site holding a badge and a Golden Ticket in a wooden frame.My favourite Fringe Festival memory is the opening of “Together We Fringe” in 2021. 2020 had been a tough year for everyone and there was no Fringe Festival, but here we were in 2021 and able to gather again albeit the festival was much smaller than usual and was hyperlocal. I was teary-eyed while Megan Dart (she was interim executive director of the Fringe then) was talking about how as a community we endured and powered through so that we could fringe together again. 

If you had to choose, what would by your 2022 ‘Pick of the Fringe’?

There are so many good ones, and with 100+ shows this year, I might not even have seen all the good ones. But if I have to narrow it down, Crack in the Mirror by Guys in Disguise is a really good one. Hilarious but heartwarming and empowering. I also really loved Conjoined: A New Musical, but I am biased with musicals and I have loved previous works of the creators of this one. And another one in the top for me is Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls by House of Hush Burlesque. Who knew spooky stories can be so sexy? 

Destination Fringe was all about adventure and making the most of your travels. What makes Fringe a destination for you?

Fringe is a wonderful destination for me because I get to share this space with people who has the same interests in the arts with me, and a space to try new adventures. Fringe has something for everyone, and if you are open-minded, you might get pleasantly surprised with what you try. 

Which part of your grand prize are you most looking forward to enjoying at the 2023 Fringe Festival?  

The 100 tickets to indoor shows! I’m excited with what new experience I’ll have with the shows. 

Thank you for such lovely remarks and we can’t wait to Fringe with you next year!

A huge thanks to our Lead Partner and Sponsor ATB for making Ma-Anne’s Fringe golden and helping make everyone’s Fringe awesome.

For everyone else who played along: we loved reading all of your comments and sharing in the memories. The spirit of Fringe is truly alive online (just as it was in person at our venues!). We hope you’ll play again next year!

Till then, fingers!

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