Have You Met… Yu-Chen Tseng?

Yu-Chen Tseng (she/her) is Edmonton Fringe Theatre’s new Graphic Designer! She was originally born in Taiwan and immigrated to Canada with her family when she was 11. “I used to dislike Edmonton when I first came here because I was used to the fast-pace life in Taiwan. As I learned English and became more comfortable with Edmonton, it grew on me and now I am proud to call it home.” She also loves her two cats so much that, as she said, she’s “willing to suffer my allergy for them.”

Yu-Chen, a woman with long black hair and glasses. She smiles at the camera and her grey cat looks up at her.How would you describe your job at Fringe?  

I make sure everything looks “pretty” and on-brand. I have a very diverse team with lots of great ideas. My job is to help bring them to life and include my style and ideas which make it very fun and challenging.  

 What are you most excited about in your role with Fringe?   

I get to work with different departments/groups of people to help make the Fringe Festival a special event. I like supporting my team with anything they need and it feels good contributing my skills to help them and the community achieve their goals.  

 If you could invite anyone, living or dead, to fringe with you, who would it be and why? 

Walt Disney – He seems like someone who knows how to create something that brings people joy. I think he would love some of the great attractions we have to offer, and I could also pick his brain all day with just about anything!  

What is something you are learning right now? 

A little bit of French and animation here and there. My husband is French-Canadian, born in Quebec, but he doesn’t speak much French. I want to beat him into being fluent in the language so I can speak to the rest of his family in his native tongue. (I think I might be competitive…) He’s trying to learn Mandarin, but he says I crush his dreams and don’t teach him very much. (Just kidding!) 

Yu-Chen, a woman with long black hair and glasses. She wears jeans and a long cardigan while walking her two pets on a sunny day.

What is an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of? 

I successfully raised funds to self-publish a picture book. I sold it to customers around the world and have met many people because of it. It was a lot of hard work, but its success has shown I can self-publish a book and I’d love to make more in the future.  

What are you passionate about outside of work? 

I love to do illustrated journaling, travelling, and like working with other forms of mediums/artforms on branding and storytelling. I sometimes help with set design on photoshoots as well.  

If joy became a national currency, what kind of work would make you wealthy?  

Helping animals, making children’s books, blogging my adventures, and turning those into long form work to share with everyone. If eating cake was work, I would also be wealthy. 

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