Have You Met… Kevin Prisiak?

Kevin Prisiak (he/him) describes himself as a “classic ‘still in Edmonton,'” moving here in 2000 for a job and never leaving. “I’ve found friends, events like the Fringe Festival, and this city is beautiful and fun.” When asked about an interesting fact about him, he responded with, “hmm…well I’m the only Kevin Prisiak!? Does that count? Also, I have a metal plate in my leg from snowboarding.”

How long have you been a volunteer with Fringe?

I believe my first fringe was 2006? It was the first year we started using computers to sell tickets. Box Office team has been the only team I’ve been on at the Fringe.

What is your Fringe story?

The first year I volunteered because my girlfriend at the time suggested it, and now I’ve been with the Fringe far longer than that relationship, LOL! There have been so many great memories from the Fringe, getting to just hang out with the Box Office team is always wonderful. I’ve made the eating of GOCs (green onion cakes) a passion…it’s the only thing I ever post on Facebook. I try to eat at least one every day of the Fringe!

Kevin also provided a series of some of the GOC photos he’s taken over the years at Fringe.

Photo photos of green onion cakes with hot sauce, taken over four different years.

What does the rest of the year look like for you, when you’re not volunteering with Fringe?

I work. That’s what I tell people.  I am a Creative Audio Producer at CORUS Radio Edmonton. That’s the fancy way of saying I make the commercials for 630 CHED, 92.5 The Chuck, 103.9 CISN, and Global News 880. Also, I have a side gig at MEC getting people into the gear to do outdoor adventures.

We wanted to share a special thank you to Kevin Prisiak as we found out Fringe Theatre was a recipient of the CORUS Volunteer Boost Grant thanks to Kevin’s generous application! In your words, what is the CORUS Volunteer Boost Grant and why did you choose Fringe?

The CORUS Volunteer Boost Grant is a way for CORUS to give back to the communities it’s in. By  CORUS employees submitting their volunteer hours, you are entered into a draw for a donation to whatever organization you’ve volunteered with.  As a CORUS employee and a Fringe volunteer, it all worked out!

If you could invite anyone to fringe with you, who would it be and why?

Hunter S Tompson would be my pick for a Fringe buddy. I am pretty sure that’d end up being a memory that neither of us would remember…LOL!  Someone who doesn’t think along the lines of “normal” would be perfect…hmm…maybe Salvador Dali!

What is something you are learning right now?

Learning at both my jobs is ongoing, new products at MEC, new software tricks at CORUS. Pretty much every day there’s something, but I am never really focused on mastering one thing.  I would prefer to be a jack of all trades than someone who specializes in one thing.

If joy became the national currency, what kind of work would make you wealthy?

If I could get a job snowboarding, that would be the dream. Either that or sitting on a beach soaking up the sunshine with a brew in hand.

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