Dr. Midge Norton’s Guide for Tracking the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex

Dr. Midge Norton’s Guide for Tracking the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex

I’m thrilled… and frightened! Moments after witnessing the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex hatch, our darling dino fled the ATB Financial Arts Barns Lobby. I fear for their safety, but am excited to track their movements and find a suitable home for our poor baby dinosaur.

To track The Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex…

  1. You must think like a true Fringer. This means looking in the typical areas a Fringer might visit in the wilds of Edmontonia. My instinct is to look in the open fields of the valley by the river? No. Perhaps in the heart of Old Strathcona, along the bustling shops and restaurants of Whyte Avenue.
  2. Next look for signs of Rex’s presence. This will include footprints, the occasional Festival poster, empty Big Rock beer cups, discarded mini-donut bags, and ticket stubs.
  3. Then look for signs of DINO – Den, Itinerary, Nibbles and Odor

D: Typically, Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex makes their nest out of recycled ticket stubs and handbills;

I: Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex travels by transit or by running between shows;

N: Big gnaw marks or crumbs from Festival food trucks; and

O: The aroma of Big Rock Beer can often be smelled in Rex’s wake.

How to identify if it is the true Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex:

  1. Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex has style. Often spotted wearing a black hoodie and red Fringe shirt; and
  2. The Fringe ‘O’ Saurus is friendly, and quite active on social media, so it’s important to check the Fringe social media pages to confirm Rex’s whereabouts.

Note: If one were to encounter Rex in a lineup for a show, do not be alarmed. Approach carefully, cautiously, and with the respect you’d give to any ordinary Fringer. Rex is naturally kind, outgoing, and really quite a lot of fun to those who approach respectfully.

Right now, it is important to document Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex through photographs, drawings, and descriptions of encounters. I know others will encounter Rex in the wilds of Edmontonia, so I will also look to social media to gather more data.

Likes: High fives, Big Rock Beer, Green Onion Cakes, and indoor or outdoor artistic experiences.

Dislikes: Littering, heckling, and non-inclusive theatre experiences.

Tip: You can identify a Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex’s footprints by their distinctive three-toed footprint, typically 2x your own footprint.

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