Outdoor Performances & Artists

With three outdoor stages and more than 50 buskers, there’s plenty to discover all over the festival site.

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Outdoor Stage Artists

A Magic Show You Won’t Believe
eden | Vancouver, CA
Eden combines the oldest magic trick in the world with a modern death defying stunt using a whip and a ladder 10 feet in the air.

ALAKAZAM “The Human Knot”
Alakazam Productions | Boston, US

If you’re one of those people who struggles to even cross your legs while sitting, your jaw will drop upon seeing Alakazam. Through body contortions, truckloads of Aussie charm and daredevil feats, you’ll marvel at Al’s hilarious show and see why he’s considered one of the world’s best buskers.

Asaf N’ Roll
ASAF | Tel Aviv, IL

A high-energy interactive show that gives you the chance to dance, laugh out loud, and channel your inner teenage fan. Asaf brings his charm and rock’n’roll glam to this show where your inner fan can go wild. This show combines music, flaming guitars, acrobatics, and sometimes fish, yes… fish.

Billy Kidd Show
Billy Kidd | Bath, UK

Billy Kidd is a magician from the UK. Her show is fun filled and packed with astonishing magic for the whole family. Watch as she turns paper to money, pours drinks out of people’s heads, mesmerises with crazy card tricks and performs her signature comedy escape routine inspired by Houdini.

Groovy Guy
Groovy Guy | Warren, US

Groovy Guy – Street performer extraordinaire, Guy Collins is a veteran juggler who holds the world record for the biggest hat drop ever at $10,000. A global ambassador for British wit and cheeky charm with an encyclopaedic range of tricks and skill.

Magic & Escapes
Vissertainments Productions | Calgary, CA

MAGIC is a hilarious look into a world of innocence and wonder. Visser takes his audience back to a child-like state where anything is possible. Marvel as Visser hog-ties Edmonton’s unsupervised children and entices them with hush money to escape with their dignity intact. Fun for the whole family.

Reuben DotDotDot
Reuben DotDotDot | Melbourne, AU

Pushing the limits beyond upside down, Reuben DotDotDot’s new show! An acrobatic show with style, skill, thrills and overkill…Putting a hat on with his feet, sipping a drink while balancing precariously, perched on one hand high in the air, this show is spectacular, unforgettable and above all: WELL BALANCED!

Sven from Sweden
Sven from Sweden | Vastra frolunda, SE

The show includes juggling and acrobatics, but a very important part is the audience who takes an active part in the performance. This performance is comedy for the whole family. Get ready for fantastic surprises and bursts of laughter!

The Brucie Show
Conradical Entertainment | Fremantle, AU Comedy

Come down and see the Aussie street comedian, The Brucie Show, known as the Robin Williams of the street, he will push the boundaries of what you find funny. With a wit like a whip, and a real one to boot, Brucie will keep you laughing til the end!!

The Cate Great Show
Cate Great | Cambridge, US

Handstands, juggling, acrobatics, danger! A unique blend of high-level circus and original comedy in one great show!

Hoop and Hat
Chris without the Hat | Winnipeg, CA

Clowns! …and also REAL circus. “Hoop and Hat” is a variety comedy show that reinvents traditional circus by pairing the fun loving clownery of Chris without the Hat with the aerial mastery of Carla Cerceau.

Limited Edition
Andy Giroux | Montreal, CA

He combines juggling, hand stands and high level acrobatic Cyr wheel into this thrilling interactive experience. But the heart and soul of this show centres on Andy’s high energy, he will have the crowd clapping and cheering from start to finish!

Lisa Lottie
Lisa Lottie | Melbourne, AU

Watch Lisa Lottie Bend it like Barbie with SUPER stunts of flexibility and some of the
most impressive hula hoop tricks you have ever seen! this show is all tricks and fun for the WHOLE family!

The Street Circus
The Street Circus | Winnipeg, CA

They’re back and with something for everyone! Be amazed as they bring the whole circus to you including hand-to-hand acrobatics, cyr wheel, hula hoops and fire – all finely interwoven with comedy! Be sure not to miss the energy and excitement of this award-winning, international traveling circus show!

Toni Smith Show – Throw Show
Toni Smith Show | Christchurch, NZ

Toni Smith provides a unique blend of comedy which appeals to children whilst also eliciting naughty
chuckles from adults. She likes to throw stuff , in a good way and by the end of the show, she will literally ‘fly’ in front of your very eyes!

Tony Steinbach Yells and Throws Things
Tony Steinbach | Columbus, US

Tony Steinbach Yells and Throws Things is exactly what it sounds like. It’s award
winning semi-controlled chaos with jokes, machetes, cucumbers and fake babies. Revues include: ‘that was the best thing I’ve ever seen’ and ‘I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe’ and ‘I enjoyed that’.

Pitch A & B Performers

Sugar Rush
Circus Kasai | Calgary, AB

Join Kate Ryan for a unique blend of sugar, spice, and out of this world entertainment! Circus hula hoops, acrobatics, juggling, clown, and hilarious audience participation, her grand finale features 75 hula hoops! A world-renowned hula hooping clown, entertainer, and exquisite circus artist, “Sugar Rush” has been performed around the globe in ten different countries!

Bedouin Beats Bellydancers
Bedouin Beats | Edmonton, AB

Beautiful and talented dancers of all walks of life representing all styles of belly dance.

Skinny’s First Circle Show
CanPlay | Edmonton, AB

A 6-foot-tall unicycle, a flaming dragon staff, and a set of juggling scythes! What more could you ask for?

Travis Bernhardt
Travis Bernhardt | Vancouver, BC

A fast moving magic show, bursting with wit and charm, from Vancouver’s award-winning Travis Bernhardt.

The Local Lad
Avery Beck | Edmonton, AB

Born and raised in Edmonton, Avery Beck, the Local Lad, is here to entertain with comedy, danger, and all-around extravagance.

Pitch 1, 2, 3 & 4 Performers

Fiddler Girls
Edmonton, AB

The Fiddler Girls are a duo who enjoy playing violin and Canadian fiddle music.

Riel and Co.
Saskatoon, SK

This is Riel’s 15th year playing violin at the Edmonton Fringe, sometimes accompanied, oftentimes solo. His genres include folk, rock, ragtime, old tyme fiddle, Maritime, Celtic, spiritual, and classical.

Edmonton, AB

A Euphonium duo based in Edmonton, Alberta that plays a variety of music ranging from classical to popular.

Copper Cowboy the Show
Edmonton, AB

Fire. Juggling. Drama. NONE of these things are in my show. Am I still a show without these things? It’s complicated but yes. You’ll enjoy it regardless. I’m a living statue and you just read my show description.

Mister Bird
Canmore, AB

In his own bluesy foot-tapping style, “Mister Bird” highlights the magic of the wild and the subtle miracles of every day. Inspired by the great unknown, his heartfelt storytelling and painstaking lyrics make you feel like you’ve lived the song.

Ntwali’s Off the Top Word Drop
The Influence | Edmonton, AB

After years of honing his skills, starting in the basement freestyling with friends, Ntwali now captivates crowds with his ability to create lyrics on the spot by drawing suggestions from the crowd. Taking inspiration from artists like Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Nas and Kendrick Lamar, Ntwali has crafted his own style and is telling his own stories in his songs.

Emi Gusdal
Edmonton, AB

Emi Gusdal is an accomplished vocalist and musician whose set consists of original material.

shuboy | Saskatoon, SK

Taking a break from his 2019 Traveling Medicine Show Tour, shuboy amazes fans with his musical expertise on bottleneck slide.

Just Felice
Cambridge, MA

Just Felice is an occasionally international street magician. Her magic is simultaneously funny, awkward, and astonishing.

Jay’s Sidewalk Circus
Jay the Juggling Magician | Edmonton, AB

Jay’s Sidewalk Circus magic show includes mind blowing magic, and an eye popping circus finale that you won’t hesitate to stop and watch. With their quirky humour and personality, Jay the Juggling Magician will show you a glimpse of their silly imagination with a variety of short performance acts.

Fiddle Music
Saskwatch Fiddle Association | Saskatoon, SK

Traditional Fiddle Music.

Amanda Penner
St. Albert, AB

An old soul at just 17, Amanda Penner weaves together melancholy melodies and
thought-provoking lyrics to tell powerful stories that leave a lasting impression. Her voice alters the very texture of your emotional experience and has touched listeners in intimate coffee shops, all the way to larger festival stages.

Amy Blom
Vanscoy, SK

Amy Blom is a singersongwriter from Vanscoy, Saskatchewan. She plays acoustic guitar and ukulele. Her repertoire contains covers of the classics from the 70’s to the present, including a few of her original songs.

The Gentle Yeti
Edmonton, AB

The Gentle Yeti is a singer/songwriter from right here in Edmonton. He hopes everyone has a nifty time at the Fringe!

Fiddle Fare
Edmonton Fiddlers | Edmonton, AB

The Edmonton Fiddlers (and their “farm teams” Gateway and Festival City Fiddlers)
invite you on a musical tour through Canadian, Celtic, World and Alternative fiddle styles. Led by instructors Rod Olstad and Bonnie Gregory.

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