Meet the 2021 ATB Financial Golden Ticket Winner: Shannon Prasad

You heard it here first: Shannon Prasad is 2021’s lucky winner of the annual ATB Golden Ticket contest! She answered our online clues between August 4 and 20, earning multiple chances to win – and she did!

Sponsored by our Lead Partner + Sponsor ATB Financial, the ATB Golden Ticket grants Shannon an exclusive experience at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival, including:

  • $250 to spend;
  • 100 tickets redeemable to any Fringe Festival indoor performances;
  • VIP onsite parking for Fringe Festival;
  • Private catered dinner for two;
  • Two tickets to the Fringe Festival Wrap Party; and
  • 3-night stay at a hotel during the Fringe Festival!

Read on to learn more about Shannon and how she plans to make the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival golden!

Congratulations on your shiny Golden Ticket, Shannon! We’re glad you enjoyed this year’s Fringe Theatre Event so much. If we were doing our Holdover Series this year, which show would you vote for being held over?Shannon Prasad holds the ATB Golden Ticket in front of the Fringe sign.

Shannon (S): I would definitely vote for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, because I didn’t get a chance to see it and I’ve heard it’s AMAZING!

When was the last time you went fringing in person before this year?

S: 2019 – it was the first time in a while I was going strictly as a patron (I had been a Volunteer and Team Leader for many years, but family things came up that unfortunately kept me from it that year), and seeing it from that angle again really made me appreciate all the hard work and passion that goes into running such an incredible event!

What was the happiest moment during this year’s Fringe Theatre Event for you?

1999 – Bride of Frankenfringe

S: My happiest moment was the announcement that Fringe was back (in its slightly altered state) for 2021 – there was a huge void last summer, though the online aspect was top notch.

Choosing an absolute favourite Fringe memory is impossible, since I have loved it all (minus the years the mosquitos were really bad!), but I was in a show during Bride of Frankenfringe and seeing it from the performer side was amazing.

Also, who didn’t love the careful scheduling so you could run like a mad-person to get in line back when tickets were sold at the door! It was like the Hunger Games for theatre people!

You answered all of our Clues correctly, earning you multiple chances to win. Which clue was your favourite and why?

S: Clue 9 – we often take for granted the amazing artwork associated with the Fringe and stopping to take a closer look at this year’s theme image made me appreciate how exceptional it really is!

Which prize are you most looking forward to enjoying at the 2022 Edmonton International Fringe™ Theatre Festival?

S: ALL THE TICKETS! I have a spreadsheet template at the ready. 🙂

Do you know who you’ll share the prize with?

S: DEFINITELY my boyfriend Dragan – so he better book his vacation days now!

We’re so excited to officially announce that you are our 2021 ATB Golden Ticket winner, AND you get to close out this season with your fill in the blank for our 2021 theme: Together We ______

S: I’m going to stick with my answer to the final clue: Together We ARE Fringe. We will persevere through adversity, conquer with passion, empathy, and enthusiasm, and become better than ever!

An ATB Ad with purple ad orange buskers performing. The words "Proud sponsors of ooohh" is writen in white text.
An ATB Ad with purple ad orange buskers performing. The words "aaaaahh" is writen in white text.
An ATB Ad with purple ad orange buskers performing. The words "and whooooa" is writen in white text.

Thank you for such lovely remarks and we can’t wait to Fringe with you next year!

A huge thanks to our Lead Partner and Sponsor ATB for making Shannon’s Fringe golden and helping make everyone’s Fringe awesome.

For everyone else who played along: we loved reading all of your comments and sharing in the memories. The spirit of Fringe is truly alive online (just as it was in person at our venues!). We hope you’ll play again next year!

Till then, fingers!

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