Are You a Fringe Innie or Outtie?

The easiest way to start fringing is by discovering whether you’re a Fringe Innie, Outie, or both (and we aren’t talking navels here)! 

Find out if you’re an Innie or Outie

We Love Innies!

As the undercurrent of the festival, Innie’s explore and take chances at Fringe. With more than 1,600 performances across 45 venues, there is no shortage of opportunity to dip your toe into the Innie pool. From Theatre for Young Audiences and family friendly shows, to adult humor, drama, comedy, and dance – you can try any flavour of theatre you’d like.

Plus, Innie’s have the added bonus of choosing the 2016 Pick of Fringe Award winner! That’s right – YOU can help your favourite artist or show by voting for Fringe pick at the info booth in the ATB Financial Arts Barns.

Even more valuable than casting your vote, is the investment you make each time you purchase a ticket. With 100% of ticket sales going directly to the artists, Innie’s are investors in theatre. Imagine, with your ticket purchase you might just be supporting the next Patti LuPone, or Lin Manuel Miranda!

…and Outties, Too!

Don’t worry! You can also invest in the arts as an Outie. If Innie’s are the undercurrent of the festival, then Outies are the waves – making the loudest splash during Fringe. Taking advantage of the free outdoor festival site, Outie’s enjoy three stages, wine and beer patios, 50 vendors, and watching a multitude of talented buskers perform.

By tossing toonies, or twenties, into a busker’s hat at the end of a performance, YOU invest in street performing legends! Plus, anytime you buy a drink from a patio, or purchase rad Fringe apparel at the souvenir shop, you are investing in Fringe – helping to keep the outdoor site free.

Let’s face it, most Fringers have a little Innie and Outie in them. So, no matter how you fringe the important thing is…YOU FRINGE!

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