The Field Notes of Dr. Midge Norton: A New Discovery

The Field Notes of Dr. Midge Norton regarding the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex

A new discovery: a pale brown egg, approximately 6 feet in height. No progenitor on site.

NOTES: Can you believe it? Could this be a new species? Based on size and appearance, scientific study determines this egg must contain something gargantuan, perhaps even a dinosaur of sorts.

Q: What kind of dinosaur could it be?

OBSERVATIONS: According to comparisons to past field notes, I’m inclined to believe that it is of the Kingdom Anamalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Dinosauria, Order Saurischia, Family Tyrannosauridae, Genus unknown…this one is different (refer to my sketch below for specifics).

Type: Though similar to a Tyrannosaurus Rex egg, it seems to be an unknown, perhaps yet undiscovered genus. How exciting! Based on this discovery, and on the habitat in which I’ve discovered it, I’ve narrowed down potential names of this new genus of dinosuar to two names:

  1. Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex
  • Based on the location of find: The ATB Financial Arts Barns Lobby in Old Strathcona, home of the Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival
  1. Dr. Midge Norton ‘O’ Saurus Rex
  • On second thought, perhaps not a fitting name…

After consideration, I believe that the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex rolls off the tongue easier – besides everyone needs their own name! People might get us confused!

INITIAL FEELINGS: It seems this egg is prime for hatching. I never imagined I would witness something this magnificent in my whole life!

PLAN: Observe & document. I plan to watch and hopefully encounter the Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex in the wild. My task is to observe, research, and leave its environment undisturbed.

PREDICTIONS: Based on size, and the slight cracking apparent on the shell, I estimate the egg will hatch within the next 48 hours.

Fringe ‘O’ Saurus Rex egg

  1. Egg: Smooth, with a texture comparable to the slight raises in papiermâché
  2. Ridges: 8 long ridges
  3. Cracks?
  4. Granite Rock: Keeping egg from falling

I will record my findings as this curious discovery unfolds. Check back for updates!

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