Anti-Racism & Safer Spaces Workshop Series 

In the next three monthsinto the next year, and beyond, Fringe Theatre will host free workshops for the Edmonton theatre community 

  • AntiOppression Training: led by APIRG, these sessions will equip us with the language, tools, and actions to support anti-racism and systemic change in our spaces, productions, and communities; and
  • Bystander & Supporting Survivors Training: led by the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton, these sessions will empower us to recognize and call out discriminatory and harrassing behaviors and provide us the language and tools to act, affect change, prevent and respond to violence, and support survivors.  

These workshops are open to all local artists and arts organizations and will be extended to the general public if space permits. Workshop dates will be confirmed in the coming weeks. Please stay tuned to our social media channels for more information or sign up for our workshop mailing list below. We will continue to facilitate workshop opportunities throughout the year, and welcome input and feedback from the community regarding workshop content and delivery.   

Workshop Mailing List