As part of Fringe Theatre’s ongoing Free Workshop Series, we are proud to partner with the Alberta Public Interest Research Group (AP!RG) to offer Anti-Oppression 101, an informative interactive session exploring key Anti-O concepts.

This workshop is open to all local artists, arts organizations, and Fringe Theatre Volunteers for free. We are offering an afternoon and evening session on Wednesday, October 21. These sessions will cover the same content – please only register for one time slot. This workshop will be hosted on Zoom – the link will be emailed to you on the day of the workshop. Registration is first come, first served.

Anti-Oppression 101
Wednesday, October 21
2:30 – 4pm


Anti-Oppression 101
Wednesday, October 21
6:30pm – 8pm

Facilitated by:
– Shima Robinson (Programming Coordinator)
– Tristan Turner (Office Coordinator)

“Anti-O 101” is an informative interactive session on some key Anti-O concepts such as the “4 I-s” of oppression (internalized, interpersonal, institutional, ideological). We will develop a brainstormed definition of oppression. We will explain and discuss Kimberlé Crenshaw’s theory of intersectionality. We will explain the terminology and contextual use of pronouns. We will situate the idea of oppression based on a matrix of privileges, or lack thereof.

All of this will be delivered via Zoom and breakout rooms will be used to re-create the small group work setting in which some of the brainstorming will be done. The presentation will be shared using a google slideshow.

Participants will be expected to take space where they might usually not and make space for one another in the event that they often dominate conversations. A set of guidelines for engaging in the workshop will be introduced by the facilitator(s).

Registration for these workshops is now formally closed, but if you’d still like to participate, please send your name and preferred workshop time slot to and we’ll forward you the workshop details!

This workshop is facilitated and made possible by the fine folks at AP!RG.