Howdy, fringer. We’re happy you’re here. You belong here.  

Down the bank from where the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns stand today is a “meeting place” or “waiting place” known in Nêhiyawêwin as pêhonân. We honour the tradition and responsibility of upholding the intention of this meeting place and aim to create a space where fringing is for everyone, and everyone is fringing.   

At Fringe Theatre, everyone is radically welcome. Our currency is kindness. ‘round here, we champion the dream of making it: making art, making community, making change, making memories.  

Fringe Theatre is a safer space for brave ideas and big artistic risk. This is where chance encounters grow into meaningful collaborations, where messy first inklings become brilliant realizations.  

We continue to learn and evolve as our community learns and evolves. Below, please find links to our commitments, resources, and tools. This is an evolving list. We are subject to instant improvement and look forward to continuing this important work with you.   

Thanks for being here. You belong here.  


Tatawaw: welcome, there is room. The future of theatre in Treaty 6 is equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible. Fringe Theatre stands, gathers, creates, celebrates, and works on the lands of the Papaschase Cree. This is Treaty 6 territory. We are beneficiaries of this Treaty of peace and friendship. Today and every day we consider our responsibility as Treaty people. We invite you to join us in this work by extending respect and kindness to everyone you meet, and supporting them in their unique artistic journey.  


As part of our larger commitment to Indigenous Innovation and named for the meeting place we have the great honour of upholding, we continue to nurture pêhonân. pêhonân is Fringe Theatre’s Indigenous-led, Indigenous-centred storytelling series as part of the Fringe Theatre Season and Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival.  


Fringe Theatre Community Care is a service-based program comprised of Staff and Volunteers using harm reduction approaches to community crisis response and community empowerment. This team supports unhoused and vulnerable community members who may access various community supports in the immediate vicinity of the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns and Fringe Festival grounds who are often displaced from their regular use of public spaces by Festival activity. This is a situation that has arisen not by design but as a matter of circumstance. Our Community Care team continues to collaborate with and learn from community partners who lead this important work, like Boyle Street Community Services, Bissell Centre, The Mustard Seed, Youth Empowerment and Support Services, Old Strathcona Youth Society, and more. Questions? Want to learn more? Please reach out:   


When you fringe with us, you join a community that is vibrant, diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and safe. We believe in creating spaces that celebrate creative risk. We’re committed to creating spaces where community thrives. Authentic safer spaces require commitment, accountability, and support from everyone in our community. Our Safer Spaces program provides year-round support to anyone and everyone who fringes with us. Report an incident, get connected to resources, read our policies and pledges, and more. If you witness or experience harassment, violence, or discrimination, please tell us. We will listen. We will help you. 


We stand against racism and inequality. We actively oppose marginalization, repression, and oppression. We are listening, learning, and committed to doing and continuing the work. Join our workshop mailing list, contribute to our community toolbox, and more.  


Representation matters. Representation onstage, backstage, in the Front of House and Box Office, in our administrative spaces, and in our mentorship and training programs matters. The future of theatre in Treaty 6 is equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible. We believe representation within our organization will lead to greater equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility in our community. We commit to the 35//50 Initiative, and aim to provide opportunity to at least 35% Indigenous, Black, and People of Colour (IBPoC) and 50% women or non-binary people on our Staff team, in our artistic programming, in our Volunteer program, and on our Board of Directors.  


Fringe Grounds Cafe is your place to eat, meet, and create. Located inside the lobby of the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns, Fringe Grounds is so much more than made-with-care eats and freshly brewed coffee (though it’s very much that, too). It’s a safer space for brave ideas and big artistic risk. Fringe Grounds is in the community and for the community. The doors are open to everyone, and no one will be turned away. This is a loiter-positive space. You don’t need to spend money here to be welcome here.  


At Fringe Theatre, we believe in the power of story. We believe everyone has something to contribute. And we believe in making theatre accessible to everyone. Offer What you Will tickets are available for every Fringe Theatre Season show. You may offer any dollar amount you’re able to contribute, or you can offer other non-monetary ways of showing respect and mutual investment, such as tobacco, your own art, or a donation you feel the artist(s) will benefit from. No one will be turned away.  


Relaxed performances are specifically altered to be sensitive to patrons who might benefit from a more relaxed environment, including those with a wide range of social, sensory, or educational needs. A minimum of two performances for every show in the Fringe Theatre Season are designated as relaxed performances. All relaxed performance tickets are 100% Offer What You Will. 


We strive to make theatre accessible for everyone. We continue to work on an evolving and comprehensive accessibility plan that supports all fringers. For information regarding ASL interpreted performances, wheelchair and mobility aid accessibility, seating options, and general accessibility specifications for all of our spaces inside the Fringe Theatre Arts Barns, please visit our Accessibility page. We’re subject to instant improvement and appreciate learning from our community. Do you have any updates or questions? Please contact us at