Board of Directors, Class of 2016


Marc Carnes, President


Fringing Since: 2005
Most likely to: Make artists pitch me their shows.  
Best kept fringe secret: Fat Franks' Fringe Dog!


Noël Papadopoulos, Vice-President

Prowse Chowne LLP

Fringing Since: 1985
Most likely to: Find excuses and ways to come back again tomorrow.
Best kept fringe secret: Kids Fringe! An amazing way to expose kids to theatre and the arts.

Rachel Gosse, Treasurer


Fringing Since: 1997
Most likely to: Pick at least one show based only on poster art! 
Best kept fringe secret: Live music at the wine tent.


ATB Financial

Fringing Since: 1997
Most likely to: Pick at least one show based only on poster art! 
Best kept fringe secret: Live music at the wine tent.

Paul Basahti


Fringing Since: 1987 (with a 15 year break in-between when I lived in B.C.)
Most likely to: Pace myself… I’m getting old!
Best kept fringe secret: Can’t share it here… but I will in person.   

Arman Chak


Fringing Since: 1991  
Most likely to: Take the family to the KidsFringe! And be a kid with them!
Best kept fringe secret: Great giveaways in the ATB Financial Community Gazebo!

Joe Devaney

Video News Inc.

Fringing Since: 1996 (ish)
Most likely to: Be preventing my costume clad toddlers from eating popcorn off the street.
Best kept fringe secret: Bringing food truck delights into the beer tent for a full-sensory extravaganza.

Ashley Dryburgh

Edmonton Community Foundation

Fringing Since: 1998
Most likely to: People-watch while eating cotton candy. 
Best kept fringe secret: Is the Late Night Cabaret still a secret?

Brian Heidecker

Sawridge Trusts

Fringing Since: 2002
Most likely to: Be talking to somebody…whether I know them or not
Best kept fringe secret: The fabulous value embedded in a Fringe Show ticket. Amazing!!

Russ Fenske


Fringing Since: 1994
Most likely to: Fantasize about devoting a summer to juggling.
Best kept fringe secret: The trick to finding good parking.

Crista Osualdini

McLennan Ross LLP

Fringing since: 1995
Most likely to: Sample all the flavoured beers in the beer tent.
Best kept fringe secret: Getting to meet the artists in the North Beer tents.

Carlie Persson

PwC Canada

Fringing Since: 1995
Most likely to: Mini-donuts, show, beer tent...and repeat!
Best kept fringe secret: Shows for kids!  Check out the shows in the Arts Barn.

Brian Lakey


Fringing Since: 1992
Most likely to: Watch a show then grab beer and catch up with friends.
Best kept fringe secret:  I’m keeping it a secret. 


Big thanks to our Board Members for their incredible leadership. As well as members of our Board Committees: Artist Relations, Community and Resource Development, Finance, Volunteer Relations, Legal and Policy.