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Indoor Show Ticket Information

How do I purchase tickets for Fringe Festival performances?

There are many different ways to purchase tickets for performances. This includes tickets to shows at all Indoor Venues and all BYOV Venues! You can buy tickets in person, by phone, online or via the Festival app.

Accepted methods of payment: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, cash and debit are accepted at all Box Office locations.


  • Central Box Office located in the ATB Financial Arts Barns [map] | Hours »
  • Any of our Festival Satellite Box Office locations Festival Satellite Box Office [map]
  • TIX on the Square| In person only | Hours
    Sir Winston Churchill Square  9930-102 Ave.


  • Central Box Office: (780) 409-1910 | Hours »
    Please be aware that phone lines are extremely busy during the Festival and your patience is greatly appreciated.
    Please note: TIX on the Square does not accept phone orders.



  • The Fringe has a FREE Festival app! Find the Festival Satellite Box Office icon in the app menu to purchase tickets on your Android or iOS phone. See page 8 of the Program Guide to scan and download.

How do I purchase a ticket for a wheelchair space?

Wheelchair stalls for both Indoor and BYOV Venues can only be purchased in person or over the phone. Tickets purchased online do not guarantee wheelchair stall availability.

What is the $2.50 Capital Replacement Fee?

In order to help with operational costs for the Festival, a $2.50 Capital Replacement Fee (CRF) is applied to each ticket purchased. The CRF is applied to support the infrastructure of the Fringe Festival and the ATB Financial Arts Barns, which is the Festival’s primary venue. In 2013, the CRF helped the Fringe offset 5% of Festival operating costs.

Important Things to Remember

EVERYONE NEEDS A TICKET. To enter both Indoor and BYOV venues, everyone needs a ticket – including infants and children. Children’s tickets can be purchased at the student/senior rate if available.

NO LATECOMERS, NO RE-ENTRY. All shows begin on time and once a performance has started, latecomers will not be admitted. During the performance, if you leave for any reason, you will not be readmitted. Sorry, no exceptions.

NO REFUNDS. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges except if the show is cancelled or there are changes to the schedule of a performance.

If you have any questions about ticket use or purchase, please visit the Central Box Office and our Box Office staff will be happy to assist you.

Where can I pick up my tickets?*

This includes tickets purchased by phone or online.
*Please have your transaction or confirmation number for reference when picking up tickets purchased by phone or online.

How early do I need to arrive to my scheduled performance?

Most Venues are within walking distance of the main Fringe site, but take note of the address since some are further away.

  • Venue Map shows all Indoor Venues and BYOV Venues and their addresses
  • Directions are also available via the Festival app on your Android or iOS phone.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to your scheduled performance and make sure to take travel time into consideration. Remember: We will not admit latecomers to any Fringe performance, under any circumstances, and there are no refunds or exchanges if you are late.

Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) Performances

A BYOV is a Fringe Festival designation for a producer who has chosen to present their show in a self-directed venue. The BYOV is not subsidized or operated by Fringe Festival producers. BYOV map

In addition to tickets sold through Box Office locations, BYOVs have the option to sell part of their ticket inventory at their Venue door starting one-hour prior to show time. Please be aware that tickets may no longer be available through Box Office locations at this time.

Please note: Tickets sold at BYOV doors can only be purchased with cash.

Sold Out Performances

A show is considered “sold out” when 95% of available tickets have been sold. Box Office strives to keep schedules as up-to-date as possible to accurately reflect sold out performances; however, due to the high volume of performances and ‘live’ nature of the Festival, this may not always be possible.

If there is a show you really want to see, check with the Box Office one hour before show time to see if any tickets are still available for Indoor Venues or check for tickets at the door for BYOVs. [Venues map]

Frequent Fringer Pass

Sorry, Frequent Fringer Passes are sold out.

  • TIX on the Square will accept a Frequent Fringer Pass [in person only] as a method of payment when purchasing Fringe performance tickets.
  • Frequent Fringer Passes are not valid for Fringe Holdovers.

Fringe Daily Discount Booth

Check out the Fringe Daily Discount Booth for your daily dose of Fringing deals! Daily list is posted on Facebook.

The Daily Discount Booth offers discounted tickets for performances selected by the artists. Reduced price tickets are available only at the Daily Discount Booth. Ticket availability changes daily, so be sure to check back often to see what shows have gone on sale.

HOURS: Open daily at 11 AM
LOCATION: North end of the Fringe site
Daily Discount Booth [map]

Please Note:
Festival Passes will not be accepted as payment at the Fringe Daily Discount Booth.