The 32nd Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival runs
August 15 – 25, 2013

Official 2013 Fringe Festival Acts


Please note: this list is in alphabetical order by each lottery category and status. This is NOT the order that theatre companies and performers were drawn.

Company Name Show Title
Ad Hoc Theatre To be Determined
Allspice Theatre The Book of Intoxications
Anything but Orange Searching for Normal
Audius Omillias Flowers for Horatio Algernon
Beside the Salt Productions Dust
Black Soil Theatre Mac Attack
Blandy and Bory Entertainment Love, Hate & Daryl Katz
Blue Sky Theatre Emporium Salinger’s Stories
Break The Wall Productions Excuse Me: This is the Truth!
Bring It Up Theatre Guess Which Gender?
C2 Productions From Mobster to Show Girl The Musical
Cannonball Rig Pig Fantasia
cold.dead.fish theatre TBA
Cross Line Theatre Impurities
Extra Lars Productions TBA
Floater Studios I CAN FLY
Forces of Chaos Port Authority
Ghostwriter Theatre Seance
Good Women Dance Collective (de)Compose
Great Scott Productions As Seen on TV
Heart and Soul Productions A very gay cabaret
King Tortoise Theatre Shipwrecked
Leduc Drama Society 2 Across
Leo Llama Productions Touch the Bluebird’s Song
Meanwhile Theatre TBA
Niamh Taylor & Justin Cauti It’s Complicated
One Sick Puppy Theatricals Project Tee Bee Eh?
Our Other Day Job TBD
Rabid Marmot Productions TBA
Rapid Fire Theatre Off Book the Musical
Rapid Fire Theatre Get Real
Saint Maggie Productions Duets
Small Matters Productions Fools for Love
Steel Power The Battle of Alberta
Trunk Theatre Or,
Vissertainments Magic
Viva Dance Can’t Stop my Dance
Watch Me Productions Love @ the Bus Stop
Company Name Show Title
Andrew Bailey Limbo
Backyard Spaceship The Unpleasant Gentleman
Broken Turtle Productions Roller Derby Saved My Soul
Concrete Drops TBD
Creamprov Theatre Creamprov
Daniel Nimmo Catboys and Aliens
Eduardo's Kith as Kin Learning How to Make Love with Coffee
Gangland Productions Sex, Religion & Other Hang-ups in NYC!
Go!Go! Theatre SNAP
inspired I theatre The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine
Kyall Rakoz Ludwig&Lohengrin
La Caravan Dance Theatre The Dybbuk
Les Studios P-Tan La cravate bleu
Monster Theatre Murder by Numbers
Izad Etemadi Borderland
QuestionMark-Exclamation Theatre With Love and a Major Organ
Random Band Name Productions FRAZ: Lonely at Last
Random Samples Collective School Tour Exposed
Ruthable Productions Icy Blue
Shh Productions The Penetration Play
The Beast So We Thought We Could Act
the night kitchen Radio : 30
The Steady State Theatre Project 18 Twitching Cheerleaders
Theatre Howl Matchstick
Theatre Inconnu Moscow Stations
Theatre of the Beat This Prison
Travis Bernhardt Lies!
Trilby Jeeves Productions Dusty Shoes
White Rhino Comedy The White Rhino
Zoro Productions
/Broad Horizons Theatre Company
Tom Form & The Speed of Love
Company Name Show Title
Another Laurel Production Divinely Bette
Bárbara Selfridge Zero Tolerance: Sex, Math and Seizures
Better to Burnout
/Tim C. Murphy
to be decided
botwot productions Serving Bait To Rich People
Charles Charles Presents: Moby Alpha
Gemma Wilcox Magical Mystery Detour
Grumble Productions Poe and Mathews: a Misadventure in the Middle of Nowhere
iDiot Play Actually
John Grady Little Pussy
Kimberly Dark Dykeopolis! Queer Tales and Travels for our Times
Minion Productions “Answers!!! (Or Something Similar)”
Mothership Ensemble The Night Mare (in a House of Dark Dreams)
Naked Empire Bouffon Company You Killed Hamlet, or Guilty Creatures Sitting At A Play
Pack of Others Tap Me on the Shoulder
Penash Productions Promise and Promiscuity: A New Musical by Jane Austen
Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe (De)Tour
Rob Gee Pandora's Dustbin
Rocket Sugar Factory Rocket Sugar Factory
Sew and Sew Productions They Call Me Mister Fry
Sisterscene More Power to Your Knitting, Nell! at the New Orleans Fringe
Stacey Hallal Ruby Rocket, Private Eye
Steve Larkin T.E.S.
The Coldharts The Legend of White Woman Creek
The Wandering Theatre Company The Afflicted
Thornton & Porch Thornton & Porch
UK comedymonkey Scwag
Weeping Spoon Productions ZACK ADAMS: ZACK TO THE FUTURE
You Rung? Battle of the Bastards
Zeb L. West The Interrobang Show ?!
Zigota The Tenant Haimovitz
Company Name Show Title
Erik de Waal African Folktales with Erik de Waal
Kaybridge Puppets Monkey Business
Promise Productions Princess Confidential
Rapid Fire Theatre The Kidprovisors
Sisterscene Opera Mouse
Toy Boat Sweet Song
Company Name Show Title
Andy giroux inc Dydy show
Bob at Large Bob at Large
Brent McCoy The Real McCoy Show
eden eden
Ernest the Magnifico Ernest’s Rockin Stuntshow
Pancho Libre Pancho Libre
Pi: The Physical Comedy Troupe (De)Tour
Project Dynamite Project Dynamite
The Circus Firemen The Circus Firemen
The Red Trouser Show The Red Trouser Show
Victor Rubilar Circus Super Star