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Fringe Theatre

December 12 - 17, 2017
Westbury Theatre

Reckoning was provocative, aesthetically rigorous and really moving. Its complexity was a large part of its grace and at the end, I stood, not just out of a wish to celebrate the work, but as well because it felt like the only thing to do.”  – Sarah Garton Stanley, Artistic Associate at the National Arts Centre.

Directed and designed by ARTICLE 11 founding artists Tara Beagan (Ntlaka’pamux and Irish “Canadian”) and Andy Moro (Omushkego Cree / Mixed Euro), Reckoning is an ode to the irreconcilable. A triptych in sound, movement and video, Reckoning is an incendiary theatrical presentation of three separate experiences with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

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Soiled Doves: A Burlesque with Boots On

Send in the Girls Burlesque

January 18 – 28, 2018
Backstage Theatre

They don’t write this much in history books, but the West?  Darn darling, it was really won by the women…”  Join the award-winning, sold out fringe favourites Send in the Girls Burlesque for their brand of satirical sass, gorgeous girl power and history loving heroics as they buckle up their britches for an evening that is highly theatrical, explosively musical and wickedly clever.  Following in the footsteps of Tudor Queens:  A Burlesque, A Brontë Burlesque and Shakespeare’s Sirens: A Burlesque Revue, Send in the Girls Burlesque’s new play Soiled Doves:  A Burlesque with Boots On tells the little known stories of Mary Fields, Belle Star, Della Moore, Kitty Leroy, Ann Bassett – footnotes in the cowboy stories told by campfires, but legitimate thieves, outlaws, and even law-abidin’ citizens in their own rights.

Tuesday, January 23 is a Relaxed Performance and 100% Pay What you Will

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The Chinook Series

Azimuth Theatre/Fringe Theatre/Workshop West Playwrights' Theatre

February 8 – 18, 2018

Chinook Series is Edmonton’s only international high performance arts festival showcasing some of the most acclaimed contemporary art taking place across Alberta, the nation, and worldwide. By bringing together dynamic, daring, and cutting edge artists, Chinook offers the best in theatre, dance, and performance art.

Brought to life by three of our city’s bravest producing companies – Azimuth Theatre, Fringe Theatre, and Workshop West Playwrights’ Theatre, Chinook Series offers two hot weeks of cutting edge live performance.

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Unrepentant Necrophile

The Cold Harts

February 14 - 18, 2018
Backstage Theatre

A mortician falls in love with a man as she prepares his corpse for burial. She has three days until the funeral…but three days just isn’t enough.

A punk rock musical inspired by true events, from the creators of ‘Edgar Allan’ and ‘The Legend of White Woman Creek.’

“As unapologetic a piece of theater as I’ve ever seen. It takes a true story and tells it in an amazingly unique way, without commenting on its admittedly difficult subject matter.” – Cincinnati City Beat

“The gleeful crassness of the whole proceeding is hard to resist. The musical staging is endlessly inventive, Katie Hartman’s voice is a remarkable instrument” – Minnesota Playlist

“Hartman’s volcanic performance makes this uncomfortable material compelling… Explodes with all the anarchistic passion you could ask for… ” – Orlando Weekly

“It’s almost too weird for Fringe” – American Underground

Recipient of the “Patron’s Pick” and “Fringe of the Fringe” awards at the 2017 Orlando International Fringe Festival.

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Tiny Bear Jaws/Fringe Theatre

March 27 – April 7, 2018
Backstage Theatre

A new play by Elena Belyea developed as part of the ’15 MFA Playwrights’ Workshop presented by the National New Play Network and Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC. Winner of the ‘15 Wildfire National Playwriting Competition. Shortlisted for the ‘16 APN 50th Anniversary Alberta Playwriting Competition.

For 17-year old intersex Aaron, the new school year means a new chance at life. For Pina, another shot at head cheerleader. For Mark, open season. A stranger intersects with a family in exile from itself. Parents Paul and Carol struggle to keep secrets from their children, desperate to know the truth. Like a surgeon’s knife before a first incision, the scalpel is poised and ready to slice. 

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Last Chance Leduc

Snowflake Productions

May 8 – 20, 2018
Backstage Theatre

 Set during the 1947 Leduc oil strike, Wes and Ev struggle in the oil and water of a young marriage in peril, in winter, in a tarpaper shack in the woods, with a baby and another dry well.  He wants a gusher, she wants a garden and Tricky wants a girl like Ev, his best friend’s wife.  While the men work all day and all night, Ev meets a lady trapper in the woods, Nohkum, who shows her the power of the river in the difficult landscape of marriage.

A play by Katherine Koller, directed by Tracy Carroll. Winner, Grand Prize, Alberta Playwriting Competition, 2013. Finalist, Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, 2015.

Tuesday, May 15 is a Relaxed Performance and 100% Pay What you Will

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Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

Fringe Theatre

August 16 - 26, 2018

With more than 1,600 performances, 42 venues, three outdoor stages, four patios, and 65 vendors, the Fringe Festival is the ultimate DIY Festival!

Fringing comes in all shapes and sizes so don’t be afraid to jump in and make it your own. Explore the Festival and discover How to Fringe

What's On Now

Jack and the Beanstalk

Alberta Opera

October 12 – 17, 2017
Backstage Theatre


When Jack and his mother are forced to trade their beloved family cow for food, Jack meets a mysterious merchant on his way to market and is whisked away on an epic journey into a kingdom above the clouds! Jack dangles from a monstrous beanstalk miles from the ground, discovers vast riches and befriends a most unusual individual: A Giant! However, their friendship is tested when Jack stumbles upon an opportunity to steal from the Giant and change his family’s destiny forever. Let Alberta Opera take you on an exciting, hilarious, heart-warming journey with this award-winning musical adaptation of the classic fairy tale!

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Kompany Family Theatre

Westbury Theatre

The beloved books of Robert Munsch  magically come to life in our action-filled and imaginative production.  Ingeniously designed by Megan Koshka, ‘Munsch-O-Rama’ features live, original music by Darrin Hagen  and non-stop entertainment as actors attempt to tell as many stories as possible in record-breaking time. Especially for Children 3 years & up. Public Performances include pre-show Munsch-Fest activities!

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Over Her Dead Body

Small Matters Productions/Fringe Theatre

November 28 - December 9, 2017
Backstage Theatre


Created by Christine Lesiak, Jan Henderson & Suzie Martin
Directed by Suzie Martin
Performed by Jan Henderson & Christine Lesiak

When a no-nonsense, middle-aged daughter returns home for her offbeat mother’s funeral, she finds herself at an unexpected wake. Nostalgia and reality collide in this physical comedy about the complicated relationship between mothers and daughters, and the soothing power of a nice cup of tea. 

Over Her Dead Body is told in the silent storytelling tradition of Buster Keaton and Mr. Bean. A world première from Small Matters Productions, the company that brought you Edmonton International Fringe Festival hits Fools for Love, Sofa So Good, and Ask Aggie.

November 28 and 29 are preview performances
December 5 is a Relaxed Performance and 100% Pay What you Will
Over Her Dead Body is performed through silent storytelling, and is Hard of Hearing and Deaf friendly.

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